The significance of family portraits

These timeless keepsakes are much more than just a depiction of family members – they are a tribute to every individual’s role within the family. 
Family portraits are bridges to the past, grounding children with a sense of belonging and identity. They strengthen the familial ties, offering comfort, nostalgia, and joy during challenging times. These images are more than simple memories; they are your family history and a chronicle of traditions for future generations. What will your family’s legacy look like?

Displaying family portraits can vary from one family to the next. Whether you choose to exhibit them prominently in your home, hoard them in albums or store them in boxes, the key lies in their accessibility.

Opting to showcase your family portraits at home? Some considerations to bear in mind include the size and style of the portraits, ensuring they resonate with your available space and home aesthetics. The location of the display is also pivotal, ideally, a central area in the house inviting everyone’s admiration. Lastly, for those hung, the standard hanging height suggests the centre of the portrait to be approximately 145 cm from the ground.

To enhance the allure of your family portraits, try these:

* Dedicate a specific area for these masterpieces. This could be a particular wall, an album, or even a digital archive.

* Label the portraits for easy retrieval.

* Keep the portraits current by updating them regularly to mirror your family’s evolution.

* Share these important memories with others.

Accommodate the past, present, and future within the frame of family portraits – a perpetual testament to your family’s journey. At Fisher Photography, we’re excited to engrave unforgettable moments of your family into ‘forever’.