The Perfect Light for Your Outdoor Family Portrait

The time of day you choose for your outdoor family portrait session can significantly impact the quality of your photos. Here’s a guide to help you select the best time of day for capturing those cherished memories:

Embrace the Golden Hour Magic

The golden hour, the period just after sunrise or just before sunset, offers the most flattering light for outdoor portraits. The low angle of the sun casts a warm, soft glow that creates beautiful natural-looking photos.

Avoid Midday’s Harsh Glare

The direct sunlight of midday can produce unflattering shadows and highlights, making it challenging to capture stunning portraits. If possible, reschedule your portrait session outside of this time.

Consider the Season’s Rhythm

The best time of day for your portrait session depends on the season. In the winter, the sun sets earlier, while in the summer, it can set as late as 7 PM. Plan your session accordingly to capture the most favourable lighting.

Cloudy Days: A Soft and Diffused Light

While sunny days provide beautiful light, cloudy days can also create a soft, diffused light that’s very flattering for portraits. If the weather forecast calls for overcast skies, consider scheduling your session during the day when the light is even and soft.

Capture Timeless Memories

By following these tips, you’ll be able to capture timeless family portraits that you’ll love forever. Remember to factor in the season, time of day, and weather conditions to ensure you capture the most flattering light for your outdoor family photo session.